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Company MP "Vorex International" Ltd. is a joint venture company for civil works on the construction and reconstruction building objects, civil and hydro engineering, and offering engineering services. Dispose with the powerful machinery and fleet pool, specialized for large and complex  excavation, on projects constructions and reconstructions of roads and railway lines. The company also has a 4300 m2 rental office space on location in New Belgrade boulevard Milutin Milankovic no.23, where is ours the headquarters for the issuance office space for civil and other companies.

Derived objects


  • Construction of the regional road R-111, Valjevo-Rogačica

  • Regulation of coastal agricultural land to commasation:

  • Regulation of the river

  • Resava - Svilanac

  • Regulation of the river

  • Djetinje - Pozega.

  • Reconstruction of the railway lines:

  • Shabac-Zvornik

  • Beograd - Panchevo

  • Mladenovac - Velika plana

  • Panchevo - Zrenjanin

  • Resnik - Bela Reka

  • Veliki Borak - Stepojevac

  • Kraljevo - Leshak

  • Beograd - Sid, section Batajnica - Golubinci.

  • Reconstruction of the railway tunnel "Lipe".

  • Construction of the railway line  Valjevo - Loznica and reconstruction of railway stations Pricevic.

  • Reconstruction of the station building at the railway station Vrsac.

  • Construction of the shopping center  "Mercator" in New Belgrade

  • Reconstruction of the building to accommodate underfloor lathe for facing wheels railways vehicles in station "Makis - Ranzirna"

  • A great number of other smaller buildings


Since its establishment the company is profitable and constantly expanding.In its structure employs licensed, highly trained  professional staff, with a  great working and living experience.

Company "Vorex International" has a license for construction of facilities for which the building permit issued the ministry for civil works, as follows:

  • I141G2 - works on the traffic routes for public railway infrastructure with connections without objects.

  • I142G1 - execution of civil engineering structures for facilities in public railway infrastructure with connections (bridges).

  • I141G - execution of civil engineering structures for facilities in public railway infrastructure with connections (tunnels).

  • Strengthening of facilities with previously tense cables for the effects of the earthquake (the building housing, schools, hospitals, boarding schools, children's facili- ties, military object).Strenghten with more than 150 buildings in in city Petropavlovsk on Kamchatka.

  • Building "Kamchat Business Bank"  in Petropavlovsk - Kamchatka

  • Building a memorial complex in Petropavlovsk

  • Making more supermarkets in Moscow.

  • Development of mint on locality in Perm

  • Construction of health center for 380 beds in place Nyagan

  • Buid-up of the hotel     "Intercontinental" in town                Yekaterinburg

  • Construction of residential complex of 90,000 m2 in place Nyagan






The vision that "Vorex International" in the coming period will be flexible, market-oriented and profitable organization, recognized for its quality, deadlines and prices of products and services, primarily in the areas construction (building, civil engineering and hydraulic engineering) and engineering providers, with the goal to become a leading company the works on railway lines and facilities related to railway traffic.


Efficient and effective performance of new buildings in construction, effective and efficient maintenance of railway lines, roads and hydraulic structures, as well as providing a highly professional engineering services in the field of office leasing, construction and other companies.


Based on the quality policy of the company "Vorex International", established following the global quality goals:

  • Securing a given level of quality in all stages of production and service provision

  • Competitiveness in terms of quality, price and delivery    

  • Products and services must fully meet customer requirements    

  • Evaluation and selection of suppliers must be carried out according to defined criteria    

  • Improving the quality of the implementation process by defining and improving the system operation and purposeful and organized training of employees    

  • Increase market share    

  • Expanding range of construction service delivery    

  • The development of new products and services    

  • Reducing the number of complaints on the quality of    

  • Lowering the real cost of doing business    

  • Increase customer satisfaction

Vojislav Dzogaz
Presentation "Vorex International"

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