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Milutina Milankovica 23, New Belgrade
 TAX ID 107366528

The company "Vorex International" licensed for construction works in the field of buildings. With steady employed construction engineers with personal licenses 310 and 410, performed a large number of objects in the area of construction in the country and abroad. It lists some of them:

  • Perform subways, railway Belgrade-Pancevo in station "Krnjaca bridge".

  • Reconstruction and halls for processing wheels cells in Makis.

  • Trade center "Mercator" in New Belgrade.

  • The construction of supermarkets in Moscow.

  • Reconstruction and rehabilitation of the railway station in Vrsac.

  • Hospital in Nyagan (Siberia).

  • Mint in Perm.

  • Hotel "Hyatt" in Ekaterinburg.

  • Seismic reinforcement of buildings in Petropavlovsk (Kamchatka)


Railways and Roads

The company has extensive experience in the execution of civil engineering structures, particularly specializes in the works on the railway lines in the Republic of Serbia. It has a permanent staff engineers in the field of civil engineering with licenses 412 and 415, and performs a large number of shares of railways, especially recommend:

  • Belgrade-Pancevo

  • Sabac-Zvornik (section B. Koviljaca Loznica, Lesnica)

  • Reconstruction of railway tunnels "Lipe" Mladenovac-Velika Plana (stocks Kovacevac-Kusadak)

  • Pancevo Zrenjanin (stocks Pancevo-Apple)

  • Belgrade-Bar (stocks Resnik-Vreoci) atajnica-Golubinci




Hydro Construction

The company "Vorex International"  is licensed to perform hydrotechnics works in construction, and with licenses 413 participated in work on the regulation of rivers, as well as the execution of a large number hydrotechnics facilities:

  • Control of the river Jadar.

  • Building drainage project of Cer.

  • Construction of the tailings embankment dams in Ljubovija.

  • Construction of water supply system "Vares".

  • Regulation of Resava river.

  • Regulation of the river Jeta.

  • Construction of the gas pipeline (section: Sisak - Pancevo 400 km)

  • Construction of the gas pipeline (section: Horgos - Batajnica 220 km)

  • Construction of the gas pipeline (section: Batajnica-Arandjelovac-162km)

  • Road construction Gradac-Suplja stena, Pljevlja

Rental Space

One of the leading engineering service "Vorex International" was renting office space to interested customers. Rent office space in three facilities ("A", "B" and "C"), on location of the complex company in Milutin Milankovic No.23 New Belgrade.
For more information of leasing space to use you contact us via the "Contact" ...

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